And this Kawaii journey begin...

And this Kawaii journey begin...

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Comifuro 2014's Kawaii Finds

Flashback continue!! Now is Comifuro 2014.
Comifuro is more like Comiket in Japan, there's a lot of talented artist selling their works.
For this year, Comifuro just held on January 25th, last sunday. It was become bigger then last year ^^
Hopefully this Comifuro event can create more original artist.

Here's my 'Kawaii finds' on Comifuro~

Here's the venue

Kawaii-fied Avengers!

Sherlock Holmes chibi, was really popular that time

Kawaiified Harry Potter

Cute Titan Butt lol

Found Mr. Totoro ^^


Another Kirin's fave anime lol

Mori Girl Illustration *another Kirin-chan obsession*

Meet Totoro 'in person' lol and that giraffe bag T^T *grabby hands*
That's how it goes! Lot's of different anime goods that you can find here.

AFA ID 2014,Not much but still gold!

Kirin desu!! Still got so many event to write!
And still on flashback mode until..umm..until I got nothing to write about last year haha ^^
This time I want to share about AFAID 2014. It's a huge anime event in south east asia.
Only have a bit of kawaii things here, because on that event I can't wandering around.

Here's my kawaii finds! *kinda lucky coz I had a chance to take picture of famous cosplay and a japanese 'big star' ^^

Cute cosplay Angie and Ying Tze from Malaysia

A very cool cosplay of Yuegene Fay from Thailand

Mon from Taiwan

It's kinda creepy, but I dunno why I find it kinda cute xDD *Kirin chan love SnK anime lol*

AFA mascot and Monas, the symbol of Jakarta

And I was so glad to meet super nice Mr. TM Revolution in person
Not so much kawaii post this time, but lets move on to the next kawaii finds ^^

Monday, January 26, 2015

A Kitchen That Makes You Surprised!

Flash back again to 2014 with Kirin here, It's not Japanese event related but hey! We can find Kawaii anywhere, right?
It's a 'Surprise Kitchen', a culinary bazaar event in one of the big mall in the central of Jakarta, Indonesia.
Most of the seller, are usually sell their product online, so it's really great event to show their product massively.
Here's my Kawaii shoots!! *I only have the photos, every products on this pictures not belongs to me, and if you ask me where you can find these, trust me I don't know it either lol*

Yes! For Hungry people ^^
The 'green tea' taste was heavenly delicious :9

Look at that cute packaging!! Kawaii :)
Cute packaging for ..err..a really soft tofu with lots of different flavors..sweet flavors nyum~

Dark chocolate, red velvet, peanut butter, matcha~ *drools*
Sweets heaven~ <3

Kirin da!!!

A bouquet of happiness..beautiful cupcakes decoration~

Rilakkuma Roll Cake :3
Lava cakes with lots of various flavors, tried the yellow one. It's mango!!

Kawaii booth background ^^ Kirin-chan mo iru yo~
Too much cuteness and sweetness on this post, I think I got diabetes O.o
Happy Monday Night ^^

Friday, January 23, 2015

Ennichisai on Little Tokyo

Another Kirin post here!!
After Miku Expo, I will flashback again to a big annuall event named Ennichisai 2014.
Basically, it's a huge Japan Festival on 'Little Tokyo' area, Blok M, South Jakarta.

What makes this J-fest different is mostly participated by nihon jin a.k.a japanese people!
There's a lot of booth that we can't find in other Japan Festival in Jakarta,like shooting games, throwing games *I dunno how to call this game*, etc.

And here's my 'Kawaii Finds' !!!

This bag T^T  I WANT IT but...can't afford it that time

Fried Ice Cream..for real?? Sadly it was sold out when I came T^T

Taiyaki da!!

Kawaii Rakuten Indonesia Mascot ^^
That's it for today~
Jya mata ne ^^